“Did Not Start”: Choosing not to the run the Huffin Puffin Half-Marathon.


I shared much of journey training for the Huffin Puffin half-marathon on here, so I thought I should explain why I never actually ran it this morning. Making the decision not to run was not easy. Even last night I found myself still going back and forth in my head: to run or not to run? But the answer was ultimately no. 

I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed tears this morning as I watch the competitors run by my house this morning. I worked SO hard this summer to be able to be one of those runners. But it just wasn’t meant to be. You may remember 5 or so weeks I sustained a strain to my lower quad muscle. I thought for sure I would be healed and back running within a week, but every time I tried to run, it hurt. It hurt in weird ways and in all sorts of different places between my hips and my knee, during a run and long after I had finished. Running was not going to help anything, so I thought if I just stopped running altogether, it would heal in time for me to run a slow and easy half-marathon.

However, last Sunday I attempted an easy 3 miles to test out how it was feeling, and it became apparent to me that if I ran 13.1 miles I would likely end up in worse shape than when I first got hurt. That’s when I came to realize that my half-marathon dreams were not going to come true. Not this time anyway. I have no idea when I will be able to run again. My body is resistant to healing and demanding rest right now, so that’s what I’m going to give it. 

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Half-Marathon Training Week 12 + What I Ate In A Day

It seems like I’ve been training for this half-marathon for forever… and it also seems like I still have forever to go. I’ve run around 270 miles since the beginning of June, and boy do I feel it. Sure, I feel the good, like being stronger. But right now I just mainly feel tired. So, so tired. The Hansons were not playing around when they designed this training program. This has been the most I have ever run, and a huge change from my first half training plan, where I only ran 3x week. 

To be honest, I’m ready for it to be over. I know I’m bound to feel this way at least once during a training cycle and this is the time where I need to just dig in and push forward. Despite this, I’m still really enjoying my runs once I get started. It’s just the getting started that is a bit harder right now. Even though I struggle to get out of bed to go running each morning, I find myself researching potential full marathons, which makes no sense whatsoever. Am I insane?


What I Ate In A Day

Anyways, let’s move on to talking about food. More specifically, I thought I would share what I ate on a long run day! This particular day’s long run was 10 miles. I use dates as my running fuel source, and I’ve been playing around the timing of consumption and how much to eat on my long runs so that way there aren’t any surprises come race day! I typically only have a few nibbles mid-run, then scarf down the rest once I finish.

Pre-run: one fried egg.


Mid/Post-run: one coconut date ball.


Breakfast: PaleOMG’s Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes, bacon, and a fried egg! I ended up having a fourth pancake too… what can I say, I’m always starving after my long run!


Lunch: A simple garden salad (with feta!) and two chicken gouda sausages. And a pup patiently watching for anything dropped…


Dinner: I went out to dinner to Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe for dinner with some of my family. I had the chicken feast, which includes a salad, grilled chicken, roasted potatoes (they are underneath the chicken), and tzatziki sauce. I also got an extra order of chicken, which I split with my husband.


Dessert: I had about 1/2 cup of this AMAZING ice cream. It is seriously so good… and fairly clean. I wish I could eat it all day, every day.


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Halfway to the Huffin Puffin + What I Ate In A Day

I’ve made it halfway through half-marathon training! I’m really feeling like I’m in the groove of things, running early the morning followed by eating shit-tons of good food. I’m digging it. I may just go into perpetual half training just so I can keep up this level of food intake. GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD!!!

 Okay, so in all seriousness, I really am enjoying myself. My body is getting so much stronger and I LOVE that. And that is making me love my body, regardless of weight, and that is something to celebrate. I mean, it’s capable of running 10 miles on a Sunday morning before breakfast, so that’s pretty badass, right?! I’m relishing my morning runs (most days…), watching the sunrise and listening to podcasts. It’s an excellent time to just think and dream and plan, some of my favourite things.

I did end up skipping two easy runs last week so that I could fully enjoy a lake weekend with my family, and I have no regrets about it. I just was not up for running hilly, humid miles while everyone else was hanging out in the lake relaxing. I was also experiencing some uncomfortable ankle pain and figured a few days rest would do me good. I reworked my schedule to make sure I still got my long, tempo, and speed runs in.

Unfortunately, my ankle has remained a bit cranky. I have no idea what it could be, as the location of the pain changes, and sometimes it just doesn’t even hurt at all. I’m running through it for now, and it has slightly improved. Crossing my fingers it keeps getting better!


What I Ate In a Day

Just to note, every bit of it was Whole30 compliant!

Pre-run: handful of almonds and iced coffee, as usual! This particular day’s run was 6 miles, consisting of 6 x 800m intervals with recovery jogs and a warm up/cool down.


Post run breakfast: 3 fried eggs and leftover grill potatoes. I think I probably had a collagen peptide berry smoothie too….


Lunch: freakin ah-mazing chopped salad with a sweet and spicy “peanut” dressing. Plus an apple.


Dinner: Leftover 5-Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie (you have to make this from PaleOMG!), roasted cabbage and onion, and fried sweet plantains. A totally random assortment of food, but also totally satisfying and easy.


Dessert: fresh fruit! Peaches, blackberries, and pineapple. <3

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Half-Marathon Training + What I Ate In A Day

Hello everyone! I haven’t talked a whole lot about it, but I’m currently in training for the Huffin Puffin half-marathon in September. As I dive into the 5th week of training, I thought I would share a little bit about what I’ve been doing and how it’s going.

First, a little background. I did my first half-marathon 2 years ago in Newfoundland in a teeny tiny race (maybe 20 competitors?) run in conjunction with a 10k of slightly larger size. I ran it in 2:21, which I thought was pretty awesome and trained for it using one of Hal Higdon’s plans running 3 days a week. Overall, it was a good experience, but I went into the race hurting, and came out of it hurting even more. I hurt so much that I just didn’t want to run anymore. I decided that this time around I wanted to use a different training program with more frequent runs to help me get stronger and keep me from getting hurt. My body just seems to do much better with more running rather than less! This led me to the Hanson’s Half-Marathon Method! I won’t outline the exact particulars of the method here, but the program is made up mostly of slow, low-intensity runs with a few speed and tempo runs each week. And because it has you mostly running 6 days a week, you learn how to run on tired legs.

I’ll be honest, training was supposed to start the week of my wedding, but it didn’t really go as planned! I got some runs in that week and the week of my honeymoon, but I did not follow the first week and a half of the plan perfectly. I decided not to sweat it since it was made up of shorter, easy runs, and just jumped right into the program when I got back from my honeymoon. It was a bit of a rude awakening, but I survived.

The first 4 weeks of the plan have had me running 5 “easy” days a week, which has been a lot harder than I thought. I quickly realized I had to get my run in early, before the heat and the busyness of the day set in. Though I have tried, I have NEVER been able to get myself to run in the mornings. This time though, I knew it was either run in the mornings or don’t run at all, so now I’m officially one of “those people”. You know, the crazy ones running around in the dark with the fireflies at 5:30am. The first few times, I felt like dying when my alarm went off at 5. Once I did finally get up and run, I was left feeling very tired for the rest of the day until I fell into bed, asleep by 9pm, usually only 5 minutes into Game of Thrones. (Apologies to my husband for not being able to watch a full episode in one sitting in quite some time!) Fortunately, it’s feeling much easier now and I enjoy not only getting the run out of the way early, but the peace and beauty of the sunrise.

I’m midway through the 5th week of training, and that means I move into running 6 days a week and add speed and tempo runs into the mix. I had my very first interval training session on Tuesday, and man, it was HARD. The running part was hard, but so was trying to keep track of all the numbers (pace, laps, etc…). I’m hoping this will start to feel more natural as I go on. Tomorrow I have my first run at goal race pace (which is 9:55 min/mi for those who care) and I know that is going to be tough too! BUT I’VE GOT THIS!!! At least that’s what I will keep telling myself.


What I Ate In a Day

I thought I would share what I ate on a day spent out of town while on Whole30. I was traveling to a horse clinic, which was awesome, but definitely required some thought to ensure I was able to stay compliant and not hungry. I made all my food ahead of time and kept it in a cooler. It’s not pretty or perfect, but it worked!


Pre-run: handful of almonds and a cup of iced coffee. I’m a creature of habit, so I made sure to bring these things with me for my overnight trip.


Breakfast: 4 italian egg muffins (they probably had about one egg in each), 2 apples, and a Kit’s Organics Fruit and Nut bar (Dark Chocolate Almond and Coconut). I may have been just a little hungry after my 6 mile run. The only thing they had at the hotel breakfast that I could eat was apples, so I was sure to get my share.


Lunch: 2 Aidell’s chicken and apple sausages, 1 cup roasted sweet potatoes, a few baby carrots, and an apple


Dinner: Another Kit’s Organics bar on the road back home and a giant bowl of watermelon once I was home. It had been so hot all day that I really didn’t have much of an appetite by dinner time. I was also in the car driving home, so I just didn’t worry about it. For the record, this is fairly unusual… I pretty much never skip a meal or am not hungry!

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