4 Steps to Healing and Thriving: Sleep

Hello friends! It’s been a looooooong time since I last blogged– I’ve been a bit busy these past six months! Mostly busy with moving from Newfoundland to Kentucky and all that comes with starting over somewhere new, such as finding jobs, cars, housing, etc. I’ve also been busy healing from the many health issues I have struggled with for the past year and a half. The long and short of it is that I’ve been struggling through adrenal dysfunction, low thyroid, imbalanced sex hormones, and low vitamin D. At times I was so fatigued, I could do nothing but lay in bed all day, with the simple tasks of eating and showering leaving me exhausted. My hair was falling out in patches and I was plagued with regular migraines that made me nauseous and unable to handle sounds and lights. Any sort of exercise beyond short walks knocked me out for 2-3 days afterword. My body was just completely inflamed. 

Thankfully, I’ve come a long way since the worst of it. I have energy most days, I rarely have migraines, my hair loss has slowed, and just last week, I started exercising again! Though your symptoms may manifest themselves differently, I know too many others, perhaps even you, who are struggling with inflammation throughout their body. Maybe you are far worse off than I was, with a full-blown autoimmune condition or other disease, or perhaps you just feel like you aren’t feeling the best you can. Regardless, it’s not how life has to be. Here I will share with you the steps that I’ve taken to heal my body and thrive in life with the hopes that I can help you in some small way to live the life you should… one where you are thriving, not just surviving.

So what’s the first topic up for discussion?


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