About Me

Hey there! I’m Christina and I feel pretty awkward writing an entire page about myself. I will do it anyways though, for you. I’m delving into this world of blogging because I’m on this wild journey trying create the healthiest and most sustainable life I can for myself and I want you to join me!

First things first, I LOVE food. Seriously. I think about it constantly. I used to think about (and eat) Doritos, frozen pizzas, Lean Cuisines, and Diet Coke, but ever since I heard about paleo in 2012, I’ve been learning a whole lot about nutrition. Turns out, it’s pretty important! Nowadays, I try to stick to whole foods and stay away from the highly processed stuff and I’ve learned a lot about which foods my body can and cannot handle. I’m learning to create a diet that is sustainable and healthful for me, and I hope to help you figure out how to do that for yourself!

I’m also pretty wild about this awesome planet we live on. I love it and I want to do the best I can to protect it and help it thrive. This has pushed me into another journey– to create a life that represents the respect I feel for the planet. I’m now in the midst of earning a B.Sc. degree in Ecology and Conservation Biology and my wonderful fiance and I have big dreams to own and operate a sustainable farm. I invite you to join us as we plan and take steps to live this out.
What else should you know about me? I’m one of those crazy horse gals. I teach horseback riding lessons and train horses and have a great time working with my own horse, Marley. I’m also a runner. A slow runner, but a runner nonetheless. I’ve run one half-marathon, with plans to complete another this year and a full marathon next year. I’m blessed to be married to a wonderful man, Mark, who always supports my crazy dreams. Together we take care of our cute lil pup, Bella.


Where else can you find me?

@sustainbledelight on Instagram

cewdressage on Snapchat


And that’s it. For now. 🙂